Frequently Asked Questions
Mazola No-Stick Cooking Oil


Q. How should Mazola® No Stick Cooking Sprays be stored?
A. Store Mazola Cooking Sprays at room temperature. Be sure to replace the plastic cap.

Q. How long can Mazola No-Stick be stored?
A. The date stamped on the bottom of the can is the date that assures quality and allows for a reasonable period of storage and usage (2 to 3 months) after that date. Storage condition (temperature) affects product quality. Excessive heat will accelerate flavor deterioration. Do not store at temperatures above 120°F or below 50°F. Mazola No-Stick Cooking Sprays have an expiration date.


Q. How should Mazola No-Stick be used?
A. Cooking spray is used in a variety of ways. The most basic is to spray cookware such as skillets, baking pans, casseroles and muffin pans with or without non-stick coatings. They are also helpful in preventing food from sticking to utensils such as spatulas, wooden spoons, measuring cups and skewers.

Q. Are there any other uses for non-stick cooking sprays?
A. Non-stick cooking sprays prevent food from sticking to broiler pans, griddles and barbeque grills. (caution: spray before heating pan or igniting grill.) Spray measuring cups before measuring honey or syrup. Gelatin molds release more easily if the mold is sprayed first. For easier clean-up, spray food processor blades and blender blades too.

Q. The recipe says to grease and flour the baking pan. Do I need to when using Mazola No-Stick cooking spray?
A. The choice is up to you. Mazola No-Stick may be used with or without flour when greasing baking pans.

Q. Why is it necessary to cool cakes and quick breads in the pans for a few minutes before removing?
A. A 10 to 25 minute cooling time after baking gives cakes and quick breads time to shrink away from the sides of the pan and "firm up" so that they are less likely to break or crumble when inverted from the pan. Place pans on wire racks and cool items baked in layer pans or loaf pans for 10 to 15 minutes. Items baked in a tube pan or fluted tube can typically require 20 to 25 minutes.

Before inverting any baked item from the pan, gently loosen the edges with a metal spatula or butter knife. Then hold the pan at a 45 degree angle and gently shake the pan or rap the side; give the pan a quarter turn and repeat three or more times. 

If a cake has cooled too long before removing from the pan, it is very likely to stick to the pan and break as it is removed. If the cake seems to be sticking, return it to the oven for a few minutes to warm and soften sticky (sugary) crust on the bottom of the pan. Immediately invert cake from pan onto a wire rack to finish cooling.

Q. How should baked-on or cooked-on Mazola No-Stick cooking spray residue be removed from cookware?
A. To prevent cooking spray buildup, cookware should be thoroughly cleaned after each use in hot sudsy water with a mildly abrasive scrubber, such as a nylon scrubbing pad or steel wool soap pad (do not use on non-stick surfaces). If there is a sticky build-up from multiple uses, it may be necessary to use a special grease-removing product (not oven cleaner) such as those containing citrus oils.

Q. Can Mazola No-Stick be for microwave cooking?
A. Mazola No-Stick is ideal for microwave cooking. Just spray on microwave container before adding food to make clean-up easier.

Q. Can Mazola No-Stick be sprayed on my food?
A. Yes. All ingredients in Mazola No-Stick Cooking Spray are U.S. FDA approved for food use and can be safely sprayed directly on food. Remember never to spray Mazola® No Stick on heated surfaces and never spray Mazola® No Stick near an open flame.


Q. How much fat is in a serving of Mazola No-Stick?
A. Mazola No-Stick has 0.3 grams of fat in a serving. (For comparison, there are 14 grams of fat in one tablespoon of Mazola® Oil and 28.35 grams in an ounce.) According to NLEA regulations, amounts of less than 0.5 grams of fat are shown at "0 gram" on the nutrition facts panel under Total Fat. For more information go to Mazola No-Stick.

Q. When does Mazola No-Stick begin to contribute a measurable amount of fat?
A. Check the serving size on the Nutrition Facts panel. It shows that each ½-second spray yields 0.3 gram of fat. If you spray a little longer than 1½ seconds, you will get 1 gram of fat. For a 10-second spray, you get about 6 grams of fat. This would be distributed over the total area of the food sprayed. On a large item, the amount of extra sprayed on fat in a single serving would be quite small.

Q. What is Mazola No-Stick Cooking Spray?
A. Mazola No-Stick Cooking Spray is made from liquid canola oil, lecithin from soybeans, methyl silicone (for better pan coverage) and propellants. Butter flavor cooking spray contains artificial and natural butter flavors and beta-carotene (for color) in addition to the ingredients in the original cooking spray. 

Q. What is heat-resistant lecithin?
A. Lecithin is a thick substance refined from soybeans. Heat-resistant lecithin is specially processed to withstand high temperatures longer without burning.

Q. Does Mazola No-Stick contain gluten?
A. No. Mazola No-Stick cooking spray is gluten-free.


Q. Where can Mazola No-Stick be purchased?
A. Although we would like all of our products to be available in all stores, space and consumer demand sometimes limits the number of items a retailer carries. Check. If you don't see the product on the shelf, you can ask your store manager to order it or email us at Contact Us for the store nearest you that carries it.